A distributed computing platform that brings
the power of IoT without the dependency of the cloud.


After building enterprise software for over 10 years, we kept running into the same problems. How can we build IoT-like functionality without reliance on the cloud either due to security, too much data, or being in a remote area? Forest Giant worked for the past year to create a platform to help solve these issues: Otis

How It Works

Otis is the platform for distributed computing at the edge. Modern technology solutions often involve many different pieces of both hardware and software that are connected and communicable within a distributed ecosystem. This kind of ecosystem provides operational independence, reduces the impact of cloud outages, and lessens the risk of many security vulnerabilities. Otis can make achieving a solution like this much easier by providing your team with software that handles the discovery of services within your network while making it easier to share data between them.



Less data vulnerability due to independence from cloud communication and local data storage.


Otis is built around the unique needs of each customer's facilities and operations.


Distributed processing between devices eliminates critical latecy issues, reduces response time, conserves network resources, and increases operational uptime.


Otis' edge processing allows for near real-time analysis of data at a reduced cost compared to cloud computing.





The Edge of Tech

Technology today is moving from centralized, cloud-based processing to being processed right where the information originates at the edge of the network. Otis operates without dependency on the cloud by using distributed computing to collect and process data in real-time. By using edge computing to process data, operations become more efficient - Otis sends only the minimum amount of data needed to the cloud for outside use.

Peter Levine - GP at Andreessen Horowitz on Edge Computing

"There is a big disruption on the horizon... I encourage you to get ready for one of the biggest transformations to happen on the computer landscape."


Forest Giant has an expanding list of partners to further enhance the Otis offering, ranging from predictive analytics to distributed object storage, and more.

Predictive Analytics

Distributed Storage

Artificial Intelligence

Freedom to Create

Collaboration facilitates innovation. Starting mid-2017, we will be launching Otis Enterprise and open sourcing the core platform of Otis. We welcome contributions through our Github. Forest Giant believes the future needs a distributed platform to build complex applications upon - and we would love to create this future with you.

What can Otis do for you?

Interested in using Otis for your next project or facility? Contact Forest Giant about Otis Enterprise for more information.